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STOP Suffering. Breathe Now.


Benefits For Our Patients:


Instant & Permanent Relief

In-Office Procedure

Short Procedure Time

Comfortable & Familiar Environment

No Cutting Or Removal From Bone

Lower Cost In Comparison With Other Options

24/7 Support Following The Procedure

Very Short Recovery Time

Covered By Many Major Insurance Companies





STOP Suffering. Get Relief.


For Patients Suffering From:


Recurrent Sinus Infections

Facial Pressure Or Pain

Pressure Or Pain Around Eye Area

Sinus Headaches

Allergy Infections

Failed Relief Through Medical Management




STOP Suffering. It's Simple.


Discover Sinus Dilation, a new treatment option for sinusitis that can be performed right in our office. To learn more, click the images below.

For more information regarding this procedure, please visit our Sinus Centers of Michigan page.


You can read what our patients have said about Sinus Dilation here.




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