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ENT & Sinus Surgery

Nasal, Sinus, & Throat Disorders

Sinusitus is one of the most common health conditions in America.  Due to it's cold and allergy-like symptoms many patients will continue to suffer because they don't see a doctor for proper diagnosis or treatment.  Contact our office today if you have been suffering from these ongoing symptoms.


Procedures:  Balloon Sinuplasty, Nasal Airway Remodeling, Nose Surgery, Tonsillectomy


Candidates:  Recurring Sinus Infections, Hoarseness, Snoring, Recurring Sore Throat, Acid Reflux

Pediatric ENT

George Levy, MD has the expertise to treat your child from age infant through young adult. Schedule an appointment if your child needs help with health issues such as: ear, nose, throat, head, neck, sleep.


Procedure:  Pediatric Sleep Study


Candidates:  Recurring Ear Ache or Sore Throats, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness


Cancer Detection

George Levy, MD is able to assist you with the early detection of cancer in the head, neck, or skin. Please, make an appointment today.


Procedure:  Biopsy, Lab Testing


Candidates:   Abnormalities, Growth In Mouth, Voice Change, Lump In Neck, Bringing Up Blood

Due to the balance system being so complex, we are trained to identify key symptoms & evaluate your inner ear with a number of tests.  For your convenience, our office is staffed with an Audiologist on-site to assist with your needs.


Procedure:  Balance Testing, Hearing Aides


Candidates:  Hearing Loss, Dizziness

Dr. Levy has many years of experience with various cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.


Procedure:  Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Rhytidectomy, Browlift, Tattoo Removal, 


Candidates:  Nasal & Facial Reconstruction, Sagging Eyelids/Brows/Chin/Skin

Our team is trained to help diagnose & treat sleep disorders.  An examination will often reveal the if the cause of certain symptoms are caused by nasal allergies, infection, deformity, or tonsils or adenoids.  Full diagnostic testing and treatments are available.


Procedure:  In-Facility Sleep Study Testing, Home Sleep Testing


Candidates:  Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, Snoring, Frequent Awakenings, Kicks Legs

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